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Sify Broadband-Best name Worst service

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    Hello Friends,

    One fine day I was looking at the Cable TV guide and I saw an advt. saying Forget the hasseles of Dialup, Join Sify and I was delighted to know the offers. So I called up the the cable tv operator i.e. United Internet, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi. Mr. Kamal is the owner of this cable tv network. I spoked with this person and he was too polite at that time and he presented his self to be a very esponsible person.

    I was imperessed by the 24 Hr connectivity option at a better price as compared to dial up. I spend Rs. 1500 for installation and took a Shared unlimited package for a month. After just 7 days I started experiencing lot of problems.

    Everytime I switched on my computer I noticed that my internet is not working. I called up sify customer care and they always told me that they will forward my complaint to the technical team and they will contact me shortly. and the problem will be soon rectified. (The Customer care department can only speak English or Tamil. and they don’t know hindi though its a hindi nation. )

    The technical team used to turn up in a day or two or they just used to forward the complaints to the cable tv operator. The operator knew that he is important as an customer for Sify and never used to worry about the problems his customers were facing. and the whole process generally took 5-6 days.

    I always used to think that dial up is better than sify because Dialup I can use according to my need and Sify I can only use when my cable tv operator lets me use it. and moreover I always have to call him up so its generally equivalent to a dialup

    Then came a more powerfull feature from Sify ....The broadband client which was badly designed with lots of flaws in it. First of all the passwords and the usernames are not sent securely. Anyone using a sniffer can easily grab all the userid;s and passwords from the network.

    Secondly I confirgured my download manager to automatically shut down my pc after download completes, but this broadband client never lets the download manager to shut down the pc as a result even if the downloads are complete my pc keeps on running idle. Thirdly The broadband client will disconnect you after 10-15 minutes of inactivity so no point in waiting for your friends to come online.

    I talked with a lot of persons from sify which include Mr. ajay Nambiar, Customer care head; R. Ramarajan, Chief Executive Officer. Ma’am Kashiana, Customer care head, Delhi and lots more but no benefit. Actually what I feel is that Sify in no longer worried about customers and also sify has no control over the cable t.v. operator. They don’t even look at the efficiency and the profile of the Cable operator.

    Friends the story is too long but in nutshell I would like to say that if you want to opt for sify then be ready to remember the sify customer care numbers, Cable operator no. plus a habbit of fighting with people for your rights.

    Sify is not responsible for any problems that you might face with the Sify ’’broadbund’’ connection

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    Smile Aap Jhooth Bol Rahe Hai

    Mahoday Aap Ka Patra Padha , Pehli Baat To Aap Ne Jalandhar, Punjab Me Rah Kar Sify Broadband Delhi Me Kaise Istemaal Kar Liya.
    Doosri Baat Kisi Ke Kehne Me Aa Kar Ulti Sidhi Baate Nahi Likhte. Aap Sabhi Readers Se Anurodh Karunga Kee Ek Baar Shalimar Bagh Delhi Me Aakar Sify Broadband Aur United Internet Provider Ki Service Jarur Dekhen. Uprokt Member Ne Aisa Kyon Likha Mujhe To Samajh Me Nahi Aa Raha. Hamare Network Per Aap Sabhi Jo Is Site Se Jude Hai Ka Swagat Hai . Aap Aa Kar Jarur Hamari Service Ko Dekhe Uske Baad Doosron Ki Bhi Hamare Best Service Ke Baare Me Bataaye Aur Doosre Logo Ke Barglane Me Na Aaye.

    Kamal Kumar

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    dude in india none of the internet providers are adequate.they have some or the other problem.just find out which one works best in your area and atick to it.
    one tip:if you have a stock broker in your area switch to the internet provider he uses becuase they get uninterupted service 24 hours.i use the same trick.

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