Since i used internet a lot , i was not happy with my dial-up connection. The dial-up connection was very costly and i had to pay hefty bills for the usage and also the dial was slow for downloading and surfing. Then one day I heard sbout sify broadband and by hearing BROADBAND , i thought sify will provide good speeds. I called the sify CTO and he showed me various plans. I chose the Unlimited 48 kbps plan that costed Rs 450. I live in DELHI. I had to pay 1000 for installation charges and 500 for LAN card. So the whole service costed me 1950 bucks ( including the service plan ). For one month everything worked fine but then the real problem came.

I was not able to connect to the net for two weeks and i had to go to cybercafes for surfing. I contacted the CTO but he told me that everything will be fine in 3 days but nothing happened after 3 days , I again contacted them and again they said the same thing. I was fed up of all this and thought like crying on my FOOLISHNESS to have got this sify bband conn.

Whenever i clicked on the sify icon it said ERROR BB 101. You have to waste your 4-5 mins to be able to coonnect to the internet. Then they disconnect your service in between and say SESSION EXPIRED. They provided speeds of 37-38 kbps against the promised 48kbps Sometimes they will say SIFY SERVER WILL DO AN AUTO LOGOUT AFTER FEW MINUTES. Sify is just there to make us fools and eat our money.

Now i cant even change my ISP because i have recently paid 1500 bucks for installation charges and if i change the ISP again I will have to again spend 1000-1100 bucks for installation charges and also 48 kbps is not BROADBAND as sify thinks. I should have seen MOUTHSHUT before opting for sify BBAND but i didnt new about MS at that time. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE SUGGEST ME A GOOD ISP WHICH IS NOT LIKE SIFY.