I logged onto MS in the morning and I was a bit worried reading a negative review about Sify Broadband.

I clarified with the said person, and I thought that the matter was done with. Then, at two at the afternoon, the review of the day seems to be a negative review on Sify, and thatís what got my goat.

Well, I have been using an Internet Broadband Connection since the past one and a half years now. My first ISP was In2Net, and they charged me 950 rupees for a month, on a 24 Kbps line. I donít regret the connection I had, because I was just starting into the world of Internet Broadband connection and had absolutely no idea about these things.

Iíd get a download speed of around 2 Kbps which was a cry in a desolate desert, but kya karen, something is better than nothing.

The only hitch I ever faced in around six months is that twice, there was a total In2Net failure from Andheri, and a couple of times the switch installed by the cable operator got loose..

Later, I heard about Sify Broadband, which gave 64 kbps line for some thing around 250 or 290 rupees, and I had already read that one gets only 150 MB dowload per day. A sane advice here. If you ever come across a sales executive telling you anything different from what is written in the company brochure do not believe him, until and unless he or she cancel the said part and signs it in your presence. It is this chalta hein, bola na attitude that makes even big giants like Sify seem bad.

Now, this was something that hitched me, and I gave a call to the Sify Customer Care. They were very genial and dignified with me, and told me that the download speed will only be throttled down till 12 in the night and then released at 12, if you download more than 150 MB.

Now, dear net user, I have been streaming radio content over My Sify broadband and my bandwidth has never been throttled

They say that you will get a 128 Kbps dedicated line, now, I am not in touch with such bandwidth issues, but all I know is that I get a regular 6 Kbps download speed any time I need.

I know that some of the people who have read and written about Sify must be shaking their heads and thinking that all this is wrong, but I also know why you have this connectivity problem. The name of your problem is just two words:

Your Cable Operator.

The cable operator is the link between Sify and you. He is like a weakest link, which if even facing a small hurdle, will tumble down and people will blame the whole chain.

Always, always trouble shoot, if you are not connecting, and you will see that there are three conditions to connect to the Internet.

Your Computer. -----> Cable Operator <------- Sify Server.

It is your Cable Operatorís fault, if they opens their office at ten in the morning. It is their fault, if their people keep their cell phones off after six. It is their fault, if the Sify Customer Care cannot trace the Cable Operators on field technicians after 6.

So, stop complaining about Sify, and think about your friendly neighborhood cable operator.