Iíve read and researched Sify Broadband before opting for it. Well, I didnít have any choice because there werenít any other ISPs in my area, (Powai, Mumbai). Iíve taken the 256kbps, 1 month validity for Rs 799. On this package, you get free connection from 10pm to 8 am, and a 150mb/day for any other times. What this means is that you have to leave all your downloading for the late time periods. The 150mb cap isnít as bad as you might think - you can still visit webpages during the day. Since I work all day, this package seemed reasonable for me. I primarily took this connection for online gaming purposes. And on that note, Iím extremely satisfied with Sify.
The connection speed fluctuates between 200-260 kbps. Usually, I can expect 250 kbps speed. The download speed is about 30kbps. I can play games like World of Warcraft, Counterstrike, Call of Duty 2 without any ping problems.
Sify customer service has been doing a good job. Turn-around time for fixing problems is 24hrs. However, Iíe had trouble trying to get them as the automated system they use is pathetic.
The connection probably depends on your local provider. Iíve had problems where the connection speed dropped below 200 kbps. But that has been fixed and its been smooth sailing ever since. heavy rains can affect the connection is certain areas but I didnít face any problems.
Overall, Iím very satified with Sify Broadband. It seems they have amped their service which is a good news for customers.