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lot of quiries refarding broadband con, please help, i'll be very greatful to you all

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    Default lot of quiries refarding broadband con, please help, i'll be very greatful to you all

    hi friends, firstly I'm sorry as i have lot of questions to ask and please dont mind, as i tiered of googling since from morning, so please help me out.
    1. i want a internet connection in faridabad near badarpur border, this area is like slum area, dosen't have landline so i'll prefer wireless. so i want to ask cheap wireless plan or broadband plan, i can pay 500p.m. and if i choose sify's 192kbps for 499p.m. is it wireless of wire? if wire than who will suffer charge of installation and line maintenance? in sify i also like their 256k.b.p.s plan for unlimited night and 500mb for day for rs. 489? is these wireless?

    will anyone can suggest any other low cost internet connection? my uses is mostly download, downloading music, surfing sites.. e.t.c.
    so I want unlimited plan (256k.b.p.s. is unlimited after 10 p.m in night till 8 a.m. in morning)
    please suggest any other unlimited plan for me.

    2. I want to share that connection to one other computer, and my mobile (n79 which is wLAN enabled) actually what I really want to do is convert my home in wi-fi area so that I can surf with my cell while even in bathroom.. lol.. so how can I do this? How can I connect other computer to my connection?

    3. the most important query of which I didn't got any answer on Google, can I surf Internet via my phone (WLAN) even if my computer is off? Is there any way to surf if my computer is off? Actually the computer is in my father's room. And he ordered me to shutdown p.c. at any cost at 10.p.m. so can't use after 10.p.m. so if computer will be off how can I use Internet? Is there ANY way ANY router, hardware by which I can surf Internet on my mobile even if my computer is off.
    If its possible then what will be cost of routers and other things? And what is the signal range of a router?

    4. how much will Internet connection will cost me? (all installation and other charge, please give me approx. idea)

    5. can I share that connection with one of my friend living near to my home. He have desktop. What will he need to install? And how I can share with me….

    You were thinking if I'm stupid sharing a connection of 198kbps/256 kbps in so many ways, but let me clear you that I can't afford this on alone so me and my friend planned to pay bill partly. I'll suffer all other charges (outers and all other), also, when I'll use Internet on computer will not use on cell. And he doing job, so he comes in night, and at night Ill use it on cell just for chatting anf mailing, and he can use as well, so I think speed should not be so much problem…

    Any suggestion will really appreciated I'm sorry for writing such a long “article”

    i'm very sorry for spelling mistakes and that even in title... i'm very sorry now i dont knew how to edit that again
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    1. Wifi plans costs much more than Rs. 500. (Please Google for Tariff ). BSNL has the cheapest @ RS. 900 ( not sure ). I am not sure about Sify.

    2. You can share you connection using a wifi router. You may also try Connectify.

    Connectify - Turn your Windows 7 laptop into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

    Using this, you can use your connection even in bathroom.

    3. If your friend is within the range 100 meters, he too can use your wifi. If your modem is set in PPPoE mode, you can use it even when your PC is off. Only modem needs to be ON.

    Hope I addressed your queries.