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    Check out what Sify talk has to offer its customers.. Sify plans charge you for voip pc to pc calls and expect people to turn a blind eye to free voip pc to pc call providers like skype.
    You can only call free on sify talk if the other person is on the same lan network.

    God knows which world these sify managment guys live in .. wake up and come to senses if you are to do any more business in India.
    Although I am not a great fan of sify but here is what they say...

    "I am happy to write to you on a very special occasion that would change the history of communication business in India.
    With the advent of the telecommunication technology, each and every business is experiencing unbelievable changes in the country in this decade. Days were there, when our Business Associates were fighting with the Cable TV business amidst a whole lot of issues. BAs were forced to experience the typical way of serving the people through Cable TV business with lot of day today problems and the issue of survival too.
    In that situation, had any BA ever thought about him becoming a key member of the business community, taking part in the telecommunication revolution which could change the style of living! Dear partner, I am very sure nobody had thought of it. But Sify did and worked towards it.
    Then started the journey… from a mere Cable Operator, the identity changed to an Internet Service provider. And now, dear Business Partners! Sify thought that the partner could even become more than an Internet Service provider who can change the life of the people by taking part in the telecom revolution. Thereby, our partner will become a ‘Convergence Partner’ of Sify who can give Voice solution to the people along with Cable TV and Internet services.
    Yes, here comes the revolution!
    Now, you can offer unlimited phone calls to your customers for just Rs.250/- per month.
    For this, all that he needs to do is to have a Sify VOIP Phone at his end as well as at the other end. Thus, on the same infrastructure you will be providing an added service to your subscribers….. …thanks to the Sify Phone solution VOIP..
    The proposed prices are as under:
    A. 6 months pack – Rs.1650 (275 per mth * 6 mths). Instrument cost (one-time) : Rs.1500
    B. 12 months pack – Rs.3000 (250 per mth * 12 mths). Instrument cost (one-time) : FREE
    Service Tax extra
    This amazing technology will see the close down the distances for the customers and will help you emerge as a ‘True Convergence Partner’ thereby, enabling you to reach new heights as a business man.
    A detailed note in terms of the pricing structure, and implementation processes will be put up as a separate I-message.
    So, please start gearing up !!! Here’s to great success and prosperity for you !!
    With Regards,"
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    ohh. forget about it.

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