Hi Guys,

Iam using Sify since more than 1 year.I opted for this because its economical & other networks wont have their our service in our area,so i have no other choice to go for this.Then the real problem starts,every time it displays ’cable unplugged’ or some gateway not reachable,intially i thought its my internal problem & restarting my system everytime, later i came to know that it problem from Sify network & everybody in our area same thing.then i called customer care(CC) so many times & intimating about the problem but believe me nobody responded,everytime ’we will be intimating to our service team & we will resolve ASAP’ that the response i will get everytime from CC.Ok if I consult local dealer. useless fellows no body take my call luckily if they take my call they will be answer in a rude way,i called sify customer care and siry employees of he gave Nonsense answer ,these problems are common its technical problem,if u r not interested u can cancel,useless fellow who the hell this stupid giving non acceptable,

I dont know what sify is doing sleeping,y wont the take care in appointing a quality dealer,they will be prompt in collecting money everymonth,if we wont pay in time they will not spare & cancel the connection or wont renew then we have to call them again to renew it,its bad on Sify path,Iam very upset with thier service,

I gave a complaint to Head CC operations at chennai ,I have to wait & see regarding response,I request not o prefer Sify,a useless and worst Broadband with no proper Customer Service,