Well, let me start by saying that this is just my experience with Sify Broadband.

I used a dial-up for a few years, and when Broad-band connections came up, I first opted for Cyberwave - a supposedly unlimited scheme. Only problem being that the ’’unlimited’’ refered to only the scheme.. the company closed in a year..

So next I tried Sify Broadband - cos i didnt feel like going for a dial-up again. Its an entirely pre-paid connection. They come up with different packs - fixed time (you pay for every 10/20/30/40 hrs of usage) or fixed data (pay for every 100/200/300/400 MB of data transfer). The pricing ranges from Rs 250 odd to 1000. The connection speed is 128 k’’b’’ps for the data package and 64 k’’b’’ps for the time package. Note the small ’’b’’ cos it comes to 16 KiloBytes per sec or 8 Kilo-Bytes per sec. You dont need a modem - it works as a LAN. So the installation charges are much less (abt Rs. 3500).

You need to be part of a large appartment complex to avail of this ans they set-up an antenna over your building.

Now for my experience:

Terrific response time. Which means when you browse faster sites, the time delay is minimal. You dont even feel you are browsing one of the faster sites, you dont even feel you are ’’browsing’’.

The transfer speed is also really fast and its usually abt 50% faster than the speed they quote. I have a 128 kbps connection and the download speed can go upto 20 to 25 KiloBytes per sec if the site is fast enough. You’ll need to choose the pack carefully though. If you download a lot, you could try the fixed time pack. But if you have a habit of spending long hours on the net like me, then the fixed data pack is the one for you.

It works out to much less than dial-up charges. The reliability is quite good. There is a strange problem on Saturday nights though when the link is mysteriously down for a while. And even when its down, the response from customer service is quite prompt.

However, if you have the habit of shifting houses repeatedly, then you would be better off with a dial-up - as you will have to pay the installation charges each time

From what i’ve seen so far, its really worth the venture - at least for now.
(Please note: I dont work for Sify. Honest! ;-)