For years together I was on a dial up and it costed me a fortune in telephone bills and missed calls because line being engaged. Poor downloads and frequent disconnection. Shifted through broad band market the reports were as follows.

1. DSL unrelibale and extremely slow connection
2. IQARA big name but the biggest sweet talking swindlers to be shunned by the internet fraternity and blacklisted for life
3. Cable operators slow and unsteady connection and poor after sale service

Ultimately switched to Satyam broadband in Oct 2003. They took Rs.1500 for installation and Rs.999 for 40 hrs package for 3 months with free on sundays and half rate from 10 PM to 7 AM. Dont ever take their package of MB/GB download it will get over in hours or days.

The service has been excellent with a toll free back up on 1600 333330 and call back facility if you leave your telephone number and are prompt.

They could market cheaper plans but are really technically superior but only their franchisees require better sale and service support training as for the past one year they have not able to configure my Outlook/Microsoft express to receive mails and it only send mail. Any one of the reader can help me.

Go for SIFY Broadband