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    Post Why orkut is loosing sheen

    Orkut is no longer popular or the most preferred networking sites for Indians . so why is orkut declining?

    - orkut does not have a huge user base and users are limited to countries like India and brazil hence it has no global appeal

    - Orkut dint change with time

    - Facebook has better privacy setting, in orkut anyone can see your personal details.

    - Orkut chat is not as good as facebook chat

    - Orkut even after redesigning has an unfinished and unprofessional look

    - Availability of better and superior desi substitutes.

    - It is easy to get addictd to orkut but the addiction cant sustain, you lose intrest fast too.

    - Orkut communities are not very informative or updated, making it less of a discussion forum
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    But I think Orkut is better than Facebook.

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    no debates plzz orkut is fine facebook is great twitter is best !
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