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Avast Anti-Virus professional Review

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    Post Avast Anti-Virus professional Review

    Well people as so many of our readers are interested in Anti-Virus products i ll review the one i am currently using

    Avast ! anti-virus professional edition

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    User Interface

    Well as you can see from the pic Avast ! has a funky media player like interface .The play button starts a scan , The square button stops the scan etc . You have popup windows coming out of the side giving you more option.It does'nt take much of screen space ,so its easy to handle .If you have the time ,you can also try out various other skins for this anti-virus .

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    Conclusion : The kewlest looking anti-virus .

    Performance (virus detection and updates)

    I have used a lot many anti-viruses like AVG,Panda,Nortan,Avira,Calm Av,NOD 32,E-scan,McAfee but this really takes the cake .

    1.Unlike AVG,McAfee and Clam AV it really detects every single threat ,even a very mild one .

    2.Unlike NOD32 and E-Scan it opens unknown file formats(in temporary memory) for scanning including zipped files and DVD/CD images ! . Even when your image is not loaded into Daemon it still detects viruses inside them by scanning them .

    3.Its got this one very cool ability whereby you can schedule it to scan your drive even before the Operating System boots ! .This is very useful in removing viruses that have affected essential system files or which cannot be deleted during normal xp operations .

    4.You can also schedule a quick scan,Standard scan or thorough scan . Thorough scan will def detect every virus if you keep it updated .

    5. You also have a Seperate forum for Avast users and also iNews feature ,which will keep you updated on the going ons in the security sector

    6. You have regular updates , The update files are very small . In the paid version you can get updates every hour if you please , or have it Automatically update once in a day .For those of you who want to use it in remote computers (not connected to the internet ) you get separate update files .

    7.It additionally gives you an audio warning whenever a virus is detected (" Warning ! a virus has been detected in your computer ")

    Its heavy on the system resource, though . It wont slow your computer down , but your startup time will increase a little bit .

    Real time Internet Monitor

    1.It has this added functionality , an internet monitor which loads up every time you open your web browser ( Currently only IE and firefox are supported).this works just like a firewall , and it works well ! . Many a times it has aborted Automatic and invisible background virus downloads from innocent looking sites .
    Recently i installed Comodo firewall , the scan showed that there were no spywares or trojans in my computer (Thanks to Avast !) .

    Conclusion :Excellent performance !

    The enhanced user interface gives you more options (for power users)... but i have never used it as the software pretty much does its job unmonitered by a human .

    -->Ranked 3 among 298 security softwares .

    -->Rated 5 cows by . (cow = star)

    -->PC magazine user rating = Excellent [5/5 stars]

    -->Rated Good by PC world .

    Awards received by Avast !

    Ok people i hope this review was useful .
    Avast! users feel free to put down your reviews too here .

    Avast Home Edition

    Minimum Requirements

    For a computer running Windows® 95/98/Me:
    486 Processor, 32MB RAM and 100MB of free hard disk space.

    For a computer running Windows® NT® 4.0:
    486 Processor, 24MB RAM and 100MB of free hard disk space and Service Pack 3 (or higher) installed

    For a computer running Windows® 2000/XP® Workstation (Not Server):
    Pentium class Processor, 64MB RAM (128MB recommended) and 100MB of free hard disk space

    For a computer running Windows® XP® 64-bit Edition:
    An AMD Athlon64, Opteron or Intel EM64T-enabled Pentium 4 / Xeon processor, 128MB RAM (256MB recommended) and 100MB of free hard disk space

    For a computer running Windows® Vista:
    Pentium 4 processor, 512MB RAM and 100MB of free hard disk spac

    My Avast! screenshot
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    Smile yep

    i too use avast and even many of my friends.......

    its a lot better than all other antivirus...

    the main thing is that its real time scanning can beat all the other av..

    thanks for the info...
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    I have used avast for more than a year, it's a very good antivirus application.

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    Default Thanks for the review . . .

    Greetings - I've used Avast Professional for several years and it has worked well.

    Regard, Doug Johnson

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    Default hai

    avast is a best and better antivirus when compare to bitdefender kaspersky etc

    it detects all types of malware trojans,viruses,spyware........................... .........

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