As per informing information, Microsoft wants to make sure that users of the Windows XP operating system would get the Internet Explorer 7 web browser update when it is released in its final version.

To get this done, the company might release the browser update through the automatic updates program for Windows XP.

However, to make sure that they are not going to cause problems for people who are not in a position to upgrade from IE6 to IE7, the users would get a clear message telling them about benefits of upgrading to the latest version of the web browser.

Instead of an automatic installation, users will be presented with three options on a screen Install, Donít Install and Ask Me Later buttons. If the user chooses the second option, they would be barred from future notifications unless they manually decide to install the browser.

They would also make available tools for network administrators to make sure the users on their network do not accidentally upgrade their IE6 versions, which might cause problems in their regular work.