One of the many wonders of the world wide web is Picasa Web Album, and I think everyone should have an account.

It is both an online-tool and a FREE downloadable, client-side tool made by Google, allowing you to easily upload photos. I for one find it really easy to use, I think Google tools are built that way. One can quickly use those photos for other online websites like blogs and the like. I use it to store my personal private photo library too.

The free account allows one to have 1024MB of photo space. An upgraded full account are separated into 4 general plans:

1. 10GB for $20/year
2. 40GB for $75/year
3. 150GB for $250/year
4. 400GB for $500/year

For those who do not have a Picasa Web Album account yet, here are 5 easy steps to start with one of your own and begin your online photo library.

1. Create an account or sign into your Google account using your GMail username and password at

2. At the upper left corner you’d see My Photos, My Favorites, & My Public Gallery. You can click any of these links when you’ve got photos uploaded into your account.
3. To begin uploading your first sets of photos, click the upload button on the upper-right side of the website.

4. You then must first choose to create a new album and/or to upload your photo into an existing album.
5. And the fifth step is to choose the actual photos and click OK/Upload.