i know many of you will be horrified by post in this section of dsl service providers ;-) but i think we all are worried of our slow speeds cause of the busy internet lines and pseudo-broadband (read 256 kbps a broadband?? ha!!!)
either it be a man with the slowest of dial up or a tech with fowl 256 kbps broadband we all need a fast browser...

which is it??

many will point out ff, because its safe and add ons))
many will say i will like IE, i want to say him come on get up buddy, you pissed alot..
many will say newbees like safari, opera(whose servers in sweden-how can it be fast???)

i got a new thing.. its not famous like the IE or FF but its very fast ( this is what i felt on my 256 kbps broadband)

its name is k-meleon, i know many of you have tried and loved it too...

k-meleon is a fast browser and many things are good in k-meleon which you cant find in any Es. the theme is rich and the browser's working is transparent.. safe and secure- yes!!!

iif you love it or for anythings- reply the thread.