If you wish to start an online meeting without much IT knowledge, try out the free web-based on-line meeting service Twiddla ( Team WhiteBoarding with Twiddla - Painless Team Collaboration for the Web ). To initiate a meeting, go through the one-time registration process and click on the ‘Start meeting’ button.

You can make the meeting public or password-protected invite-only. When you initiate a meeting, you get a meeting URL for sharing with potential attendees. The service offers facilities for co-browsing, text/audio chatting and the like.

While browsing with others you can insert comments, and place coloured marks on the page being viewed. In addition, it provides a whiteboard that enables the participants to collaboratively write, and draw pictures.

The free version allows one to Create & Attend Meetings; Upload and share Images, Documents & Email; Screen Capture and Voice Chat