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Search Engine Add On's

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    Default Search Engine Add On's

    I dont really use add on's for my Firefox browser, but i have heard a lot about add on's?

    Can someone who uses them please explain more, as in what exactly are they, how they can be helpful and if there are any disadvantages.

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    add-ons are, as the name suggest, a small software, which add to the functionality of the main/host application ( in this case Firefox).

    FF addons add more ability/features to existing features present in firefox itself. you consider it like an EXTRA ingredient which enhances the taste of the actual food.

    there are thousands of extensions/add-ons for FF as now, and each one of them add certain functionality.

    all extensions are listed in mozilla's website with explanation of their functionality :

    Advantages :

    more functionality

    Disadvantages :
    (depending upon number of addons used, some people use even 50 at a time, normally ppl use 5-15 at a time)

    - more loading/starting time , memory usage.

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    For example, if you use an addon called screengrab, you can save the web page as a jpeg file which otherwise is not possible. It scrolls the complete page and save it as image.

    An add on called datafox help us monitor the usage of BSNL Broadband connection. WOT warns you if a malicious site comes up in the Google search result. WOT is a minimum requirement to those use Google.

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