Educomp has designed a product ‘compulearn’ which has subject and technology together that is needed for teachers in schools. Educomp has come with the right methodology for computer education. Most of the time the teachers appointed in school is highly qualified as programmers but they are unable to teach the children in the school in the right manner. All schools have computer learning nowadays. So, if the right tools are given to the teachers they can teach the students properly and make them learn in a better way. Educomp’s CD-rom provides syllabus about 4,000 hours. They have another product ‘edunet’ which saves time in a practical class. It gives a network parallel to all the systems in the computer lab. Teacher with the use of audio-visual card, the microphone and the high bandwith cable can show students on their respective systems same thing at the same time. Many schools in Bangalore have already started using this technology.