Google recently published beta versions of its browser for the Linux and MAC Platforms. This can be seen as a move to increase its market share across all the platforms. Google Chrome has already gained ground on Microsoft's Internet Explorer since its release.

Once the code is stable, they will think if they incorporate extensions. Not to bore you with what has been said, we will focus only on the most important features and why this movement. Regarding the feature, it is the speed of JavaScript navigation bar union and form, and the most striking, which is to avoid the whole browser crashes and close only the affected tab. They achieve this with V8, improved JavaScript itself written in C + + which is the core of Chrome.

The most important question is why release Google Chrome for all the platforms when there are other open-source browsers available:

  • Google wants to focus all its applications (Calendar, Gears, Gmail, etc.) through a single filter that is Chrome in your Computer.
  • Chrome gives the possibility of an offline mode, so you can edit Docs safely without an Internet connection. Writing documents without distinguishing if we are at our desk or on the web.
  • Slowness of some of its applications in other browsers.
  • It may integrate social applications like Facebook's in its Google Chrome browser.

As a result, in January, Google Chrome has already replaced Apple's Safari from the third spot with a market share of 5.2%.

Download Google Chrome for MAC

Download Google Chrome for Linux