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Everthing – A simple search tool

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    Default Everthing – A simple search tool

    There are many tools which help us to search for files, prominent among them being the built in search among windows. Usually all search utilities follow one of the two methods to find the file you need.

    One method is to simply search for the required file, folder by folder and this happens every time you make a new search and even if you search for the same file again and again. The second method involves making an initial database of all existing files in the hard disk and then searching the database to know the location.

    Obviously the second method is faster but it also means that the software should initially create a huge database of files and also keep them updated. Most software like google desktop take a few days to completely create a database and also slow down the computer meanwhile.
    But everything is a tiny utility which creates a database in a minute is available for use almost immediately.

    Download everything search utility from here :Everything Search Engine

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    Using it from the day it was launched. The best and the fastest desktop search tool !

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