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How to move/ resize a partition using Partition wizard

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    Default How to move/ resize a partition using Partition wizard

    This is an easy job using Partition wizard. First you need to select the partition which you need to move or resize. There is more than one way to achieve this

    1. Select it from the top menu and click Move/ Resize.

    2. Select the partition and click the Move/Resize Partition button in the Tool Bar.

    3. Select the partition you wish to move / resize and click the Move/Resize Partition button under Partition Operations in the Action Panel.

    Suppose the space available in the partition is not enough, shrink the free space in other partitions. By this way, you can increase the capacity of partition and ensue that the data is secured. The data will be sage during these operations. You can enlarge or shrink without any damage. You can use Enhanced data protecting mode and execute move/resize of system partitions and boot partition. The operation is completely safe.

    You can download it here

    Free Download Partition Wizard

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    @meetdilip One can use third party software for every task, may it be a easy task or be a tough task. But, As a Security Analyst, I always recommend OS options for any task. You know, one can do anything using OS resources.

    Coming to point, you can use Partition Wizard or you can use Disk Management option provided by Windows OS. It is very simple and options are self-explanatory. Just right-click on the partitions and select option (resize, expand, shrink, format etc.).

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