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Opera 10.5 Beta 1

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    Default Opera 10.5 Beta 1

    Opera , one of the oldest browsers has reinvented itself with the version 10, when it brought the Unite package to the desktop , ie end users. Now it claims to be the fastest browser with the beta vesion of the next update to its browser.

    There are a lots of changes included in this version the most prominent among them being the full support for windows 7, and windows 7 specific optimizations, and also windows taskbar integration.

    Under the hood changes are also equally significant in opera 10.5 beta which features a brand new java script engine called as Carakan engine. The java script engine is the most important part of any modern browser as most of today’s code are heavily dependent on scripts and is almost directly related to the performance of the entire browser.

    It also features minor improvements to the core of the browser and also has some cosmetic improvements.

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    Thanks for telling this......
    I was( 1 min ago ) using Opera 10.10 before.
    It is really good in looks and page loading.

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    cool this is great news
    Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight..

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