Google is the search giant, we all agree. But microsofts bing is is now there to give competition to google, though it definitely not kill google . Though Bing is nowhere close to googles popularity among users it brings you choice and afterall it was bing which made google adopt real time search!

Bing may just be the next big thing online but it will take time for people to start using it as people rarely search these days they only GOOGLE! Microsoft has marketed Bing well. We are too into google to try something else

Bing is very good for local searching, image and video searching, and it is stylish too. Bing maps is an interesting feature too which provides driving directions.

Bing will hopefully provide us better alternatives to google, as Iam very unhappy with yahoo.

I myself have used bing and iam quite impressed but my default is set to google and iam yet to figure out how to set bing as my default search engine I guess googling should help!!