Do you know twitter has its limits too.
Twitter cant handle huge traffic. When I say huge it means real huge. The fail whale is very prominent and twitter displays over capacity, to prevent this twitter has certain status updates , follower, following limits.
You cant update more than 1000 times per day, or DM more than 250 times.
There are other limits like you cant follow more than 2000 people in a day or 110% of your total followers.
Also you cant have more than 150 API request in a day.
But there are no limits to number of followers you can have as RK got some 60000+ followers in less than 12 hours.
I discovered twitter had its limits when I was tweeting like a maniac to make India trend on Iday. Must say these limits irritate you to hell when you want to twett and twitter displays “wow that’s a lot of tweeting…………..crap”
Best way to keep tweeting and pass these limits is to get multiple accounts.
Have you ever over tweeted ?