Twitter like any other networking site is very addictive and eatsup your precious time
Here are signs that show you are an addict:
- You are an addict when you can say a persons name just by looking at his avatar

- If you wish #happyBday or happy #diwali in this format on networking sites other than twitter

- When you are talking to somebody and there is a witty line out n you say I will tweet that mentally

- You are finding things to do just becoz twitter is down

- You find news via trending topics, and when there is breaking news you want to discuss and debate it all on twitter

- You want your orkut and facebook friends to sign up on twitter

- You tweet and check at replies in the morning even before checking mails
- You start say this is a #fail if something isnít good

- When you meet someone you donít forget to ask their twitter id

- You use a lot of twitter lingo like tweeple, twitterverse and twindians