If we can believe media, Google Buzz is a decent success. There are many things that are new in Google Buzz. It is well prepared platform for social networking. It has the micro blogging feature twitter and social networking feature of Facebook. But those who study the market will easily say that it is not an easy job to win customers from Facebook and Twitter. It needs proper planning and regular update to even go parallel to Facebook and twitter. The main advantage of Google Buzz is that it is Gmail based. That makes it eas for the customers to get into the arena. Gmail is one of the most popular utility in the web arena. But Google should have known that all users may not like to have Google Buzz associated with their Gmail account. Google was quick to grab this fact and make necessary changes.

There are two ways to disable Buzz. One that it has a new setting tab name Buzz in Gmail. Google profile also got an option to disable Google Buzz.