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Enterprises dump IE6 goes for IE 8

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    Default Enterprises dump IE6 goes for IE 8

    Internet Explorer 6 is one the most popular browsers ever built. Even if it does not support multi tab browsing, it is still used in 8.3 % running Windows XP. One of the main reasons of success of Internet Explorer 6 is the popularity and success of Microsoft Windows XP. Internet Explorer 6 is the default browser in XP and not everybody is skilled to change the browser. But the popularity of other browsers from Microsoft is higher than what we imagine. According to Craig Barth, the chief technical officer of Devil Mountain Software, Internet Explorer 7 is running on 19.4 % of the machine that runs XP. The percentage of users who use Internet Explorer 8 is 72.2. This an amazing figure. Due to security concerns, corporate are moving toward secure browser.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meetdilip View Post
    it is still used in 8.3 % running Windows XP.
    It is because it comes with the setup of Windows XP but in Vista IE 7.

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