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Cyber attack revelaed : Over 75,000 systems infected

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    Default Cyber attack revelaed : Over 75,000 systems infected

    It was a great achievement by man that he invented a computer to help him solve his problems. We built a machine which can think of its own to solve our problem. On the hardware structure, we built programs that can add features to our computer. Devil too might have seen the growth this fabulous invention of human being. He had his pals ready with programs that were later known as virus. A virus is a program which compromise the reliability of a computer, it may harm your data, erase it or stay quietly in your system. It may store your financial or other vital information compromising your security. Now a days, there are many names for a virus according to its behavior. But the basic fact remains the same, it is meant to harm your system, data or your privacy.

    Security researchers at Herndon who belong to Va based Netwitness Corporation have found details of a massive botnet which has infected a minimum of 7,500 computers at 2.500 companies and government agencies worldwide. It is named as Kneber botnet. It is used to gather log in details of online financial system, social networking and email passwords during last 18 months.

    Netwitness discovered around 75 GB of stolen data. The revealing analysis gave a shocking result , there were around 68,000 corporate log in credentials, facebook log in data and lot of identity information. The bot net also give its master remote access to the compromised network

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    Talking about devils?which nation built the first computer virus?
    job takes the child away.

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    Your "friendly" neighbour country !!!!!!
    (a) Pakistan
    (b) China
    (c) Nepal
    (d) Sri Lanka
    (e) none of the above.
    Hint :
    The first PC virus in the wild was a boot sector virus dubbed (c)Brain[9], created in 1986 by the Farooq Alvi Brothers in Lahore, Pakistan, reportedly to deter piracy of the software they had written.....

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