Backing up your computer data is easily one of the overlooked aspects of everyday computing. It is until your first data loss, do you realize the importance of backing up data and the importance of the data itself. There are tons of utilities today to take care of the backup jobs.

Some of them are simple, in that they just copy the files as such to another location, others are sophisticated software occupying 100ís of MB and lots of ram resources to do the same job. The simple ones fail to copy locked system files and the popular ones are heavy on resources and costly too.

SelfImage is a simple tool and it is open source too, which mens it is free of cost. It can image an entire partition so that all the data inside it is automatically backed up including the operating system too. This also copies the locked system files.

Whats more , it can even backup partitions of other operating systems like MAC OS X and LINUX, which cannot even be recognized by windows.