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SIM with AIO CPU, storage and OS

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    Default SIM with AIO CPU, storage and OS

    The mobile technology happens to be one the hottest field in the field of technological developments. And with the convergence of PC with each assuming the role of other, itís imperative that the PC technology eventually comes to the mobiles.

    Now a company called SK telecom has developed a new all in one prototype, Subscriber identity module. This sim has a central processing unit, storage unit and an operating system all combined into one component. It could turn out to be the next major breakthrough in mobile technology.

    The SK Telecom SIM has been engineered to include a processor chip, a memory, with a storage memory of 1 GB in the form of a flash chip. As if this was not enough, it even include a copy of Google's Android OS .
    The utility of this chip can be enormous. Essentially you could simply insert a chip into any mobile and have your OS boot from it, kind of like the present Linux bootable disks.

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    This is very nice indeed,, cool technology,... necessity..
    i was always thinkong of making someting more out ot SIM cards,, and here it is..
    job takes the child away.

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