One of the common features in a phone is the its ability to synchronize its data with the computer. While this is quite useful in creating a backup and for easier access/ editing of information. It has its downsides too.

For example if you want to charge the phone using the cable at your friends place on their computer or worse if you attempt to do it at with a public computer, the phone automatically starts syncing without even asking you.

On one hand this causes irritation, having to deal with it unnecessarily and on the other it could obviously cause privacy concerns to many apart from simply wasting your time.

You can avoid all these problems can be solved with the Sync Blocker cable which has been designed especially for this purpose, but itís optional. The Sync Blocker cable has a simple USB to Micro USB interface which is similar to the regular cable, but what is different is that it features a tiny switch which gives you the ability to allow or deny the data transfer. It is similar to lock function on the floppy disks.