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Connecting your Facebook and Yahoo accounts

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    Default Connecting your Facebook and Yahoo accounts

    By connecting your Facebook and yahoo accounts, you can import the details of your Facebook friends into yahoo and yahoo information will be available as news feeds in Facebook.

    To connect Facebook and yahoo, first visit the yahoo website and login into your account, no need to go to the mail page. In the left side of yahoo’s main page, you can find a Facebook link, click it and you will be asked to login with your Facebook details.

    Once you login into Facebook accounts, you will be asked to authorize the connection between Facebook and yahoo. Once you click connect, the synchronization will start and then you can get your updates in FB.

    Facebook will now confirm if you want to authorize My Yahoo to connect with Facebook, Click Connect and you will be on your way.

    To remove the connection between Facebook and yahoo, go to My Yahoo and then click on options and then settings in the Facebook overview.

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    It is also possible in Orkut with facebook.

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