Here is an easy method to copy your contacts from windows mobile to Google’s android without having to use your sim card.
Using your SIM card to transfer contacts is one option but with large address books and SIM-locked phones, it’s just not possible. Below, we’ll show you a ridiculously simple and OS-independent method to move contacts from Windows Mobile to Android.

To first export your contacts use the software called ThunderBird Export Contacts to export the data in the csv (comma separated values) format to a convenient location and then copy it to your computer. The only other alternative option to this will be to use Microsoft outlook, but this method will be easier.

Download : Thunderbird Contacts Export download for Windows Mobile PocketPC - Softpedia

Login into your Gmail account and then fo into the “contacts” option and select the option to import contacts. Now select the file you had exported from your phone and then select import and all your data will be on Gmail now.

Next you connect your android mobile to internet and allow it to synchronize with your Gmail account having the contacts.