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Auto Recharge Disconnection

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    Default Auto Recharge Disconnection

    One of the common problems with modern gadgets is that even though they have more compact batteries and require less maintenance, they need to be charged properly. Though the chances of being under charged is difficult, it more difficult to avoid the latter category to avoid overcharging the device.

    Usually devices which sport the feature to avoid over-charging achieve it by using a toggle switch which basically switches off once the charge is full. Now here is a simple device, which automatically falls down once the charging is complete, in a way it can be compared to a leech.

    The product called the Outlet Regulator made by Conor Klein simply releases the cord used for charging the rechargeable device once the device is fully charged, so this means that there is zero energy consumption. The device uses a timer circuit as well as electro mechanics to remove the cord.

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    What about the price and effectiveness???

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