Google wants to be leader in everything ! it virtually wants to rule our lives .
Google recently launched its android nexus one, a browser chrome, and an operating system too !
Here how we may completely get dependent on google soon.
Alarm from then nexus one waking you up, turn your pc on the google operating system shows up, check your mails on gmail, drive away donít know route turn to google maps.
Have a problem with pc , phone , check new restaurant, whatever googling is the solution. Have something interesting to say log in to blogger. Wanna watch IPL get to you tube .
Find new friends interact with new google buzz or orkut !
Google reader, google docs, goggle groups, wave, templates, calendar, news, google translate, adwords, adsense, froogle, google apps ÖÖ. Have you had enough of it all

Google is making life easier but making us more and more dependent on it too donít you think so