a twitter user then you may well mistake a tweet to be latin or greek ! Twitter has its own new words and lingo. Here are some twitter words which starters need to be well versed with

Tweet: 140 char status updates you post on twitter

RT: Standing for ReTweet are messeges reposted giving credit to original author

Hashtags: essential part of twitter it is used to tag your tweets with specific topics, so that it can be tracked by people

Tweeple: people who tweet

the entire family of tweeples

Fail whale:
The whale shown when twitter is out of capacity and you cant tweet is dubbed as fail whale.

Tweetup : an event where people who have conversed only on twitter meet up

Twitteratti: celebs on twitter or tweeple which huge following

: way to recommend your fav tweeple to others on Fridays

Twindians: tweeple who ware Indians