Google is the way of life today. If want to find anything you never search on the internet you google it!. We google everything news, sites, information, stars, people, countries, numbers and tools but have you ever googled your self?
Googling yourself sounds fun doesnít it. Many Stars have confessed to have googled themelves to find about rumors going on pertaining to them.
Even if you arenít a star you can google your name, and you have significant influence over the World Wide Web you may just find yourself listed in there on search results.
I googled myself to find my facebook account as the first item on the search result. Other sites shown included my twitter id, my blog , accounts in other sites like blogcatalog and many tweets where I was mentioned also came up and yeah results for amir and kajol starrer fanaa also came up..
While I was lucky to have my name listed on the very first page everyone cant be lucky. If you have a unique and a less popular name then you may well find yourself up there on what you call as a big huge brand Google.
So what are you waiting for Google yourself now!