Having a good number of followers is very important, it not only enhances your credibility but also give you a bigger audience for your tweets.

Twitter is the only place where people are happy if you follow them. Here are tips to get more followers.

- Indulge in conversations, ask questions , debate and interact

- Don’t over tweet, This way you don’t lose your existing followers.

- Tweet about trending topics this gives you increased exposure

- Add a ‘follow me’ option on your blog or site

- If you want people to follow you follow them back. It is not necessary
to follow everyone but if there are some people who have good presence on twitter and they follow you follow them back.

- Update your status regularly

- Maintain a good follower following ratio

- Have a fully updated twitter profile, with an interesting bio.

- Add yourself to twitter directories like wefollow

- Try using hashtags in your tweets

- Most important of all is post quality content which is retweetable.