There is no denying that technology is the way of life today. Techonology has made way into almost every work of our life. Mobile phones are the most popular tech gadget we cant live without. We never leave our house without this piece of technology. Today every man, woman, girl, boy has a cell phone of their own.
But how much is too much. Should we let technology rule us or are we already being ruled by technology.
Recently it was reported that Hollywood celeb kate Hudson carried her cell phone on her wedding. On such an important day kate could not get rid of her cell phone ? she is too addicted I guess but she is not the only one addicted.
I went to a marriage with my friend and was surprised to see the bride messaging away on her mobile. How lame can some one be. She was trying to connect with people who dint have time to be with her on her important day. Infact I have heard of a bride steaming live updates of her wedding on twitter now isnít this technology ruling lives?