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Digital photoframes:

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    Default Digital photoframes:

    Technology and innovation stops nowhere . Sharing paperless photos without using a computer si what a digital photoframe offers to you.

    These photoframes contain a LCD screen for displaying photos like a slideshow. Today there are a variety of digital frames available in market w ith many brands like Kodak, sony, Samsung and HP venturing into them . They are versions of wired and wireless frames with different storage capacities. screen sizes varies from 7 to 12 inches.
    There has been increased demand for digital frames with prices dropping and integration of internet services in them, now they have additional media content like videos, mp3s and text files display.
    These are mainly used as gifting articles, with kodaks easy share range, pandigital and sony being some of the best available.

    Do you own a digital frame or would you like to own one in future ?
    And well would you like to be gifted one ?
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    Iam interested in Buying a Digital Photoframes with LCD panel 10" size,resolutionabout 1024X600,ASP ratio about 16:10,AVCHD,capacity 2GB or so,suitable for MP4, Motion JPEG,MPEGI,audio MP3, AEA, Video playback,HD etc. This is to be used in India.
    Which Brand and Model you will recommend? Is it possible to get Indicative prices in India?

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