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Apple faces test as ‘Month Of Apple Bugs’ is due to arrive

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    Default Apple faces test as ‘Month Of Apple Bugs’ is due to arrive

    Apple Computer would face challenge from a pair of security researchers who have announced their plans to reveal one bug a day in Mac OS X and Apple applications starting January 1.

    January 1 would be the beginning of the ‘Month Of Apple Bugs’ as they aim to replicate a similar program named “Month of Kernel Bugs”.

    This new project would be hosted by a poster using the alias “LMH,” and his partner, Kevin Finisterre. Finisterre is a tech researcher and has posted several Mac vulnerabilities and analyses on his own site.

    Finisterre spoke about their project: “In the spirit of the other Month of XYZ projects, most of these issues will be 0day.”

    Another researcher named HD Moore had run a similar program in July this year when he disclosed one browser bug on each day of the month.

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    No system is without bugs but Im sure Apple will have this covered. I love OSX. Its the most beautiful and productive operating system I have EVER used.

    Expose, Spotlight, Dashboard > Apple offered this years ahead of Vista. Microsoft just "copied" as the industry calls it.

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