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OpenID: simplifying registration

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    Post OpenID: simplifying registration

    Today you have unlimited number if websites, forums, blogs etc.. If you come across an interesting article and want to voice your opinion you will have to register at the sites and then post comments. But open ID comes of great help here, you can single login details at hundreds of sites all you have to do is get an open id account.
    Many websites today, some thousands of them accept and approve log in through Open ID. Websites like myspace, yahoo, paypal, IBM, google and facebook provide Open id. Having an open id simplifies a lot of things , you donít have the need to remember multiple passwords, login ids and no need to fill meaning less repetitive forms all over again. All you have to do is remember your open id login id
    With more and more networking sites cropping up, simplifying registration process and the need to eliminate filling in same information for hundreds of websites are one thing which has to be sorted out and Open ID can sure be the one doing this. Open ID has a huge role to play in the future and it can be easily said that open ID is an important technology trend of future networking and browsing
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    To register see this link:

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    @ Zoooni

    Good one. Heard about it. Never tried

    @ essbebe

    Thanks for the link

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    Also, you should know that many websites that support OpenID actually create one for you if you don't already have one. So you needn't create a new id, just decide which one you're going to use.

    There are many OpenID providers. MyOpenID seems to be the most popular. (Some providers support using your website name as your OpenID, but you should be careful here and be sure that you are going to keep using your website for a long time).

    Ubuntu fans: Your Launchpad account is an OpenID.
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