The biggest news ever. The new series of Maxthon i.e. Maxthon 3 has released it`s first beta version after changing it`s Javascript engine from Trident to Webkit. The new webkit engine used in it passes as Acid 2 and Acid 3 tests and beats Google Chrome web browser in 5 out of 7 tests.

It loads pages very fast and use much cache to save the bandwidth. Now it uses two Javascript engines Trident and Webkit, one can switch between them anytime anywhere. The Webkit loads pages faster instead of the Old trident engine used In internet explorer and maxthon 2.

Instead of it`s alpha releases beta release has many options that one can set in the option menu of the the maxthon that was not present in its pre-release Maxthon 3 alpha versions...

It has internal download accelerator to accelerate the downloads. One can set set how many connections to the single link and many more in that downloader . It is like a external downloader that always give full speed but it is internal.

It also has youtube acceleration option and supports a=many plugins that are available in the website of the maxthon. It also has internal ad blocker and pop-up blocker.

But I recommand everyone to wait to use it till the original is released with zero bugs.

You can download it here: Download Maxthon 3 Beta - A powerful, easy to use, fast and stable browser - Softpedia

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