Now Search Google, YouTube, RSS, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo!, Flickr and Images all in one 3D space.

Now browse Internet in 3D with Spacetime browser. It uses a modified Trident Javascript engine to load pages and thus supports almost all the websites.

Our normal browser has one window. When we create a new web page, it replaces our old web page and gives you a tab. But in SpaceTime browser we will get something like the image shown. Just enter your websites in the address line as you normally would and watch as your web pages are individually displayed in a stunning 3D space where you can view all of your web pages at the same time. It will looks like as the feature in vista and windows 7.

Just click on search engine type in search and click search, it will give result from that search engine in it`s own way like when we search on google we get some results and after that results we click anyone of them and then page starts loading but in Spacetime browser it will search in search engine but shows result of all the result we get in the search engine in 3D. That means it will load all the pages in a single go.........

You can download it here: SpaceTime

If you only want to try it in your own browser the just click here: