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Firefox on android

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    Post Firefox on android

    All firefox and android lovers rejoice, for now firefox will be available on android 2.0 . Though google chrome has been topping all as the most preferred browser firefox still ahs some fans who refuse to make a shift especially for its add ons and extensions support.

    Firefox has released a mobile version of .its software fennec for android. The android browser war has just intensified with this release. Fennec is available in the pre alpha stage and looks very different from many androids apps already available.

    Fennec is released in the pre alpha state to get feedbacks from users and get fennec to some real test . The fennec will be operable only on android 2.0 . Firefox has already mentioned that fennec is in its early stages and the bugs are a part of it, memory isnít optimized too.

    Fennec has been tested on nexus one and Motorola droid with some positive results with great tabs and bookmarks integration and marvelous user interface. But the results on droid werenít any good slowing down the phone.
    But well android sure is getting all the attention and now with a firefox addition in its application directory it gives user a lot of options to choose from. If you are a firefox enthusiast using an android phone go and download the pre alpha version and experience the first bit of Fennec.
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    Fennac will be next big thing in the mobile field.

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    Well done 236 words excluding ur signature
    Hey you write plenty about android. Top 2 in the similar threads is yours..........
    I am goin to count that too.....................
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