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Apple iTunes 9 - Review

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    Default Apple iTunes 9 - Review

    Apple iTunes has now become one of the most famous music management softwares available to a user. It has lots of options to be optimized to suit your needs, with some unique features catering to all kinds of requirements a normal user wants.


    1.It is one of the best softwares available in the market, for organizing a user's music library.
    2.The iTunes store seems to have improved quite a bit from the old one, delivering tons of TV shows, videos, etc.
    3.The new interface is pretty neat and appealing (atleast to me). It's good to see that everyone is improving on the style.
    4.It's true that one may be fooled by the looks, but iTunes might not dissatisfy a user seeking to use it. It delivers what it claims to deliver.
    5.The most important point is that it's free.


    1.It is really bulky. It's big size results in the opting out of some users (that will be a pretty small number).
    2.It hogs the computer's resources pretty much than the other counterparts, and can be a big burden for many systems with low configs.

    Though it's bulky, it also would not be so right to be complaining about it everytime, since it comes for free and can serve most of your music management needs.

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    One of the biggest issues I have with iPOD (and consequently) iTunes is that it is a one way street.

    1. I must sync my iPOD on the same computer. Else I risk loosing my content.
    2. I can copy from computer to iPod but not vice versa. Well, there are other softwares available to do this but why does iTunes prevent this? No other device restricts this.

    Other issues:
    1. It introduces other services such as Bonjour which I feel do nothing but hog (some) memory.
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