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Flock now gets added to the Fast Web browser list

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    Default Flock now gets added to the Fast Web browser list

    Majority of people use Google chrome including me and yes its just because its fast and fast .

    But do have a look at the Flock 3.0 beta which is based on google chrome technology or in other words its Google chrome with a new look and social networking integration. I looks much interesting mainly due to the reason that its based on chromium project - incredibly fast browsing experience.
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    i dont know, but somewhere i have heard that most people use firefox, IE8 and than comes the people who use google chrome...

    my experience on google chrome is bad... a browser's limitations can be very well noticed when on slow internet like dial up or gprs net.. and on both google chrome has failed... it resolves the i.p faster but the page viewing is slower and so the front page loads quite after much time..

    for me kemeleon and than firefox are the options...kemeleon is faster for quicker access, and firefox is secure...
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    The user friendly feature of flock is its integration with social networking features. Also fast browsing are good features yet I don't feel there'll be many users for Flock as Firefox, IE8 still are top amongst users and lately google chrome has also caught good no. of users.

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    @Mickey: Using firefox etc was a past Google chrome quickly got a huge amount of users. And let me tell you if you have a super slow net the best browser would be opera + turbo mode enabled but obviously you may not have a good internet experience due to the bad images..... So next to it is google chrome. That's for sure for slow internet none can beat as of now.

    You can try the latest google chrome version or the dev version. If you are not getting dev version on internet do onething download the normal version get google chrome channel changer (google it ! ) and after changing to dev version make a quick update.

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