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GIMP features

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    Default GIMP features

    I had created a thread about the features of Adobe photoshop, and it has been suggested that GIMP is a better, cheaper becaue its free version for editing photos.

    I have never used GIMP and there are a lot of people on the forum who have used it, please can someone give me the features of GIMP, and exactly what tools can be used. Some sreen shots will also be useful or an orginal picture and an edited GIMP one.

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    Come on guys, some assistance please!

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    I dont know much about GIMP, but know its supposed to be good from the forum members. It has all the features one requires to edit a picture or photo.

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    i am using GIMP since ages but now on photoshops cs series not much time so that i can post some of my tutorials so have a look at these ( manual) ( i used this one a few years before)
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