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Symantec aims to improve Northon speed

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    Default Symantec aims to improve Northon speed

    Symantec Corp., developers of Northon Antivirus, a long time leader in antivirus market are facing decline in sales. The major reason seen for this decline is the time and system resources this antivirus consumes for its operations.
    Speed has always been a known problem with Northon Antivirus which is now getting worst for its developers as users are going for other available antivirus which is faster and also does not consume that much system resource to complete its operation.
    Symantec Corp. was aware of this problem a long time ago, but they did not take any action to rectify this problem. Now, company is looking in this problem and has already changed their engineering department head.
    As per according to Symantec Corp., they would introduce the next version of Northon Antivirus in first quarter of 2009 which will be much faster and will consume less system resources. To make it more brief, they are aiming to reduce the present installation time from 10 minutes to maximum of 1 minute, not only this, they are also aiming to decrease the load up time after the PC is started from present 20-30 seconds to under 10 seconds. Other then all these they are also expecting to decrease the software size to around 100 MB which is four times less than of the present version going around the market.
    It is not only Northon Antivirus which will be improved; company also plans to improve all other Northon product line which are facing speed issues.

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    Thank god they do it? It is indeed one of the reason why i dont use norton at all, the slowing down of pc. I hope they introduce this new version soon, so that i can start again using norton antivirus again.

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