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Google Chrome - Will it revolutionize browsing?

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    Default Google Chrome - Will it revolutionize browsing?

    Google has come up with another product in the market, this time, a different one from its league. Critics feel that Google is just reinventing the wheel. However, Google’s ambition is to do away with the flaws of the existing browsers and replace them with its own. For starters, Google Chrome, Google’s open-source browser is extremely fast. Its speed is remarkable and this is Google’s way of giving us a glimpse of what it has in store in the future.

    While its speed has no doubt attracted users, Google Chrome’s interface does not seem to have become a hit with users of other browsers. The interface provides space for the address bar, the tabs, the back and next buttons, the reload button, and a link to access bookmarks. The simple interface may become intuitive with users in the due course.

    Google Chrome sports tabs like Firefox and the latest versions of Internet Explorer. The tabs seem to behave in a way similar to the ones in the other browsers; however, they have been coded differently and function differently. Each tab functions separately, thus not affecting the other tabs. A problem in one tab does not corrupt the other tabs. Thus, Google has solved the problem of the browser window crashing because of a problem in one tab. All the tabs are visible as different processes in the task manager, thus helping you select the tabs you want to close.

    Google Chrome’s highlighted feature, after its speed, is the level of security it supports. The browser checks the websites you are about to browse and tells if the website has any harmful software that may harm your computer. The functionality behind this is the blacklist records the browser maintains. Google Chrome maintains records of the websites that have been blacklisted, thus helping users browse safely. Furthermore, the sandbox technology used in the browser stops harmful software from automatically installing itself.

    Google has added a nice-to-have feature called the Incognito window to the browser. This is your private space in a computer used by many people. This window does not record the browser history. It does not even let websites save cookies on your system.

    A new window or a new tab in Google Chrome welcomes the user with miniature versions of the most visited websites, thus helping the user go to his/her favorite website with a single click. Google has also doe away with the search box in the browser. The address bar works as the search box too. Google calls it address bar the Omnibox.

    One of the main intentions of Google coming up with a new browser is its support for other Google applications. The excellent speed of the browser is definitely going to earn favors with its users. Linux and Mac users may have to wait a little longer for the Google Chrome’s Linux and Mac versions. The browser is still in its beta version and it may take a while before the browser becomes fool-proof and more effective than its peers.

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    Wonderful post Thanks for taking the time to put all this together for all of us here.

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