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Sony Ericsson C902

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    Default Sony Ericsson C902

    Gone are the days when camera pixel ranged between 1 MP and 2 MP. Sony Ericsson brings forth the C902 with a whopping 5 MP camera. The phone is from the Cybershot stable and features a touch sensitive camera. The camera lens is covered and the metallic finish adds to the glow of the phone. Camera features are more in the phone such as smile detection, image stabilization and geo-tagging. The phone is light weight with just 107 gm and is available in a host of colors such as Swift Black, Luscious Red, Titanium Silver, and Cinnamon Bronze. The form factor is bar and one of the notable features is the smoothness of the sliding lens. The lens may get dusty if exposed to long intervals of outside world. Two cameras are present; frontal one for making 3G calls and is helpful in taking self portraits. Light sensor is also mounted near the screen so that the contrast is automatically adjusted according to the ambient light of the surroundings.

    TFT display is a beauty to peer into but the screen actually seems a bit small compared to the phones of the similar genre. The keypad of the phone has good tactile feedbacks coupled with the D pad and the other necessary nearby buttons. White light illumination is provided and the keypad lighting is turned off automatically when the camera plays into action. The LED flash coupled with the phone makes it efficient for night time usages too. The light is crisp and bright which can be compared to the xenon flash present in various commercial photography products. A battery of 930mAH is also provided which gives forth a standby time of 400 hours and a talk time of precisely 9 hours.

    The user interface of the phone is nothing new with the same old Sony Ericsson styling with which many are accustomed too. Rotating and single icon views of the menu are praise worthy. The phonebook can store a maximum of 7000 contacts. SIM storage and phone memory storage is also provided and one has to set the appropriate. Calls when received and made using the phone was crystal clear even in areas of low signal. The phone’s inbuilt loudspeaker ensure not even a single call is missed. The camera which has been included with the phone has one of the most innovative interfaces ever found in previous Sony Ericsson models. Google Maps has been preloaded into the phone and is helpful in disclosing the current location of the user. Video capture is limited to QVGA at 30 frames per second. MP4 format is being utilized for saving the videos; hence there won’t be any loss in the quality of the videos captured by the phone. The Organizer submenu has a plethora of features which can only be found in Personal Information Managers only. The voice recorder coupled with the phone has unlimited recording time. The recording time is limited by the amount of free memory present in the phone.

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    check out the c905 with 8.1 megapixel cam.......!

    m confused on buyin which oen options from w 705 / w 715 / c 905?
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    I am confused when it comes on sliding phones. We can use them but not for long time. pretty hard to maintain.

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